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01316 ^ןשׁב^ Bashan \@baw-shawn’\@ of uncertain derivation; ; n pr loc AV-Bashan 59, Bashanhavothjair + 02334; 60 Bashan= "fruitful" 1) a district east of the Jordan known for its fertility which was given to the half-tribe of Manasseh

  • ב BEIT Purpose: God Dwelling Place Below - from house or God's house here[household, in, into] 2
  • ש SHIN Eternal Flame of Revelation bound to the coal Divine Essence." [sun... teeth... consume destroy] 300
If you divide the BEIT SHIN with a Vav you get confusion and shame
If you add a Mem to BEIT SHIN you get spice and sweet odours
If add a Lamed representing the hand of action BEIT SHIN Lamed Mem you get a word meaning in peace related to an office
  • נ ן NUN Heir to the Throne, Aramaic fish in the Mem (fish in flowing waters) or in the Hebrew the Nun may mean the kingdom. [fish moving... Activity life] 50